2011 Club Award and JD Crest Recipients

2011 Cheetah Club Awards
  • Most Improved Senior Male: Ben Ayseu-Attah, Nicholas Ayin
  • Most Improved Senior Female: Jade Vaughan
  • Most Improved Junior Male: Max Botsis
  • Most Improved Junior Female: Jasmine Lew
  • Outstanding Juvenile Male: James Linde
  • Outstanding Juvenile Female: Esinam Ayesu-Attah
  • Male J.D. Personal Achievement: Nico Diapolo
  • Female J.D. Personal Achievement: Lauren DaLuz, Chanell Botsis
  • Throws: Teagan Rasche, Evan Smith
  • Jumps: Eric Chatten, Tim Leggett
  • Senior Cross Country: Lawrence Viola
  • Junior Cross Country: Rajeev Parmar
  • Distance and Dedication: Miranda Menzies
  • Most Dedicated: Yasmine Parra, Hana Tyndall
  • Most Inspirational: Liza Whitehead
  • Exemplary Attitude: Lauren Watson, Payton MacIntyre
  • Sprint Award: Nathan George, Adeyemi Taylor-Lewis
  • Athlete of the Year: Traci Boss, Hodson Harding
  • Builders Award: Percy Perry
2011 BCA Junior Development Crest Recipients

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  • Eric Chatten
  • Jessica Erickson
  • Josephine Bell
  • Joshua Cronkhite
  • Payton McIntyre
  • Tenecia Powell
  • Tyler Klimos
  • Yasmine Parra
  • Anastasia Evans
  • Anika Morokhovich
  • Brooklyn MacDonald
  • Cheryl Chow
  • Eric Polan
  • Lauren Trudeau
  • Madison Wolczyk
  • Mitchell Watson
  • Nicholas Kong
  • Nicolas Klimos
  • Simi Taylor-Lewis
  • Briana Nagy
  • Brittni Wolczyk
  • Chanell Botsis
  • Colin Montegomery
  • Evan Smith
  • Fraser Olson
  • Hana Tyndall
  • Jade Krieser
  • Jamall Mensah
  • Jarrett Chong
  • Jasmine Lew
  • Kianna McIntyre
  • Lauren DaLuz
  • Lauren Watson
  • Max Botsis
  • Nicholas Contreras
  • Nico Depaoli
  • Rajeev Parmar
  • Teagan Rasche

Cheetah JD's Perform Well at Championships

Great work to all the Cheetah JD’s at the BC Junior Development T&F Championships in Kamloops:

Jasmine Lew                Gold medal 60m dash
                           Gold medal 100m dash
                           Bronze medal 200m dash
Lauren DaLuz               Gold 1200m
                           Silver 800m
Chanell Botsis             Gold Discus
                           Gold Hammer
                           Gold Javelin
                           Silver Triple Jump

Payton McIntyre, Lauren Watson, Yasmine Parra and Kianna McEntyre
Girls 4x100                Silver medal

Karile- Jamall Mensah      Silver 60m hurdles
                           Bronze 100m dash
Nico Depaoli               Silver 60m dash
                           Silver 600m
                           Bronze 100m
                           Bronze 200m
                           Bronze 60m hurdle
                           Bronze long jump
Bronson Depaoli            Silver Shot Put
Mitchell Watson            Bronze 600m
Rajeev Parmar              Gold 1000m
                           Gold 800 race walk
                           Bronze 600m
Nicolar Klimos             Gold 800m race walk
                           Silver 1000m
Tyler Klimos               Bronze 800m race walk
Dylan Klimos               Silver 800m race walk
Evan Smith                 Gold Discus
                           Gold Javelin
                           Silver Shot Put
Jarrett Chong              Gold Javelin
                           Silver Discus
Max Botsis                 Silver Javelin
                           Bronze Discus throw
Eric Polan                 Bronze Javelin throw

Taylor-Lewis Simi, Jarrett Chong, Karile-Jamall Mensah, and Eric Polan
Boys 4x100 (10 years)      Silver medal

Nico Depaoli, Rajeev Parmar, Dylan Klimos, and Evan Smith
Boys 4x100 (11 years)      Gold medal

Karile-Jamall Mensah, Nico Depaoli, Simi Taylor-Lewis and Rajeev Parmar
Boys 1600 Sprint Medley    Gold medal 

Cheetah 4x400m Smash BC Club Record

Last night (July 26th) in Surrey, the Cheetah 4x400m team consisting of James Linde, Nathan George, Hodson Harding and Benjamin Ayesu-Attah smashed the 40 year old BC club record for Junior athletes by running 3:15.30. The old record was 3:22.5. Leading off for the Cheetahs was James Linde who ran a spirited opening leg of 49.8. Linde is a double medalist from the recent Provincial Championships in the 100m and 200m. Nathan George increased the Cheetah lead by running a blazing 48.8 leg. George competed for Canada in the recent World Youth Championships in France. Hodson Harding removed any doubt of a BC record by thundering to a 48.0 split and handed off to anchor Benjamin Ayesu-Attah. Harding is the 3rd ranked youth 400m athlete in Canada. Ayesu-Attah who is the reigning BC junior 100m and 200m champion and who ran 9th at the Canadian Senior Championships this year completed an outstanding team run with a 48.1 split. The Cheetahs ran the fastest time in Canada this year for Juniors and also are within 1.5 seconds of the BC Junior open record which is held by a BC Provincial Team. Congratulations to the Cheetah sprint crew who displayed their amazing talent and team depth to produce this fantastic result.

Harding Leads Way With Two Silver Medals at Las Vegas Track Classic

The Coquitlam Cheetahs Track and Field Club competed at the Las Vegas Track Classic held on March 26th at Del Sol High School, Las Vegas. Hodson Harding, the reigning BC high school 400m champion led the way with a 2nd place finish in the 400m with a time of 49.15. He was followed closely by his teammate, Benjamin Ayesu-Attah the 2009 BC high school 400m champion, who finished third with 49.30 and Nathan George who was 7th with 50.10. Harding, Ayesu-Attah, George and Nick Ayin combined to run an outstanding time of 3:23.69 in the 4x400m which was only beaten by the defending California State Champions from Serra High School, Los Angeles. The Cheetah 4x400m team which holds the BC club record for Youth were 1.1 seconds away from the BC club Junior record in their first run of the season.

Miranda Menzies narrowly missed the victory in the 800m as the Nevada State Champion, Anna Underwood was able to hold off her late charge. Menzies ran a personal best of 2:21.69, only 7 hundredths behind the winner.

Just outside of the medals were Esinem Ayesu-Attah who finished fourth in the 100m and Jade Vaughan who raced to a fourth place finish in the 300m hurdles event. Anthon Meyer led the way in the jumps by leaping to sixth in the triple jump and James Linde finished 25th in the long jump and also ran 6th in the 200m in a personal best time of 23.27 seconds.

In the 1500m Lawrence Viola and Erina Cho battled the wind and the altitude in Las Vegas to finish 8th in the boys and girls events respectively. Tunji Taylor Lewis competed in both the 100m where he finished 18th and in the 200m where he ran a personal best to finish 22nd. Nick Ayin having secured a medal in the 4x400 relay also raced to a 10th place finish in the 100m. Cheetah athletes will be next representing their respective schools in Fraser Valley competition.

Complete meet results can be found here.

A video of the Boys 400m can be found here. The photo taken by the Del Sol organizers to put on their website can be found here. Finally, photos taken by our club can be found here.

Cheetah’s Harding and George Run Fastest Times in Canada

Hodson Harding, running for the Coquitlam Cheetahs, ran the 400m in 49.62, which placed him second at the University of Washington Indoor Open on February 14. This is the fastest time in Canada this year for youth aged athletes (16-17 years old). Harding is the reigning High School Champion in the 400m. Harding was beaten by his club mate, Benjamin Ayesu-Attah, who won the event in a time of 48.93. Ayesu-Attah is now ranked second in Canada for athletes under 19 years old. Also achieving a number one Canadian ranking for Youth aged athletes is Nathan George who was third in the 200m in a time of 22.54. Cheetah athletes had an outstanding day with all results listed below and their national ranking is also listed.

Name .. Event .. Time .. National Indoor Ranking

Liza Whitehead ....... 60m ....... 7.79 ... 17th
Liza Whitehead ...... 200m ...... 25.51 ... 11th
Esinam Ayesu-Attah ... 60m ....... 8.00 ... 16th
Esinam Ayesu-Attah .. 200m ...... 26.43 ... 11th
Miranda Menzies ..... 800m .... 2:27.47 ... 19th
Miranda Menzies ..... Mile .... 5:39.12 .... 3rd
Erina Cho ........... Mile .....5:47.06 .... 4th
Erina Cho .......... 3000m ... 11:42.45 .... 9th

Ben Ayesu-Attah ..... 400m ...... 48.93 .... 2nd
Hodson Harding ....... 60m ........7.39 ... 28th
Hodson Harding ...... 400m .......49.62 .... 1st
Nathan George ....... 200m ...... 22.54 .... 1st
Nathan George ....... 400m ...... 50.32 .... 3rd
James Linde ......... 200m ...... 23.50 ... 10th
James Linde ......... 400m ...... 53.43 ... 16th
Tunji Taylor-Lewis ... 60m ....... 7.49 ... 42nd
Tunji Taylor-Lewis .. 200m ...... 24.78 ... 49th
Lawrence Viola ...... Mile .... 4:39.38 .... 2nd
Brendan Wong ........ Mile .... 4:58.78 .... 5th
Brendan Wong ........3000m .... 9:47.71 ... 20th