Cheetah JD's Perform Well at Championships

Great work to all the Cheetah JD’s at the BC Junior Development T&F Championships in Kamloops:

Jasmine Lew                Gold medal 60m dash
                           Gold medal 100m dash
                           Bronze medal 200m dash
Lauren DaLuz               Gold 1200m
                           Silver 800m
Chanell Botsis             Gold Discus
                           Gold Hammer
                           Gold Javelin
                           Silver Triple Jump

Payton McIntyre, Lauren Watson, Yasmine Parra and Kianna McEntyre
Girls 4x100                Silver medal

Karile- Jamall Mensah      Silver 60m hurdles
                           Bronze 100m dash
Nico Depaoli               Silver 60m dash
                           Silver 600m
                           Bronze 100m
                           Bronze 200m
                           Bronze 60m hurdle
                           Bronze long jump
Bronson Depaoli            Silver Shot Put
Mitchell Watson            Bronze 600m
Rajeev Parmar              Gold 1000m
                           Gold 800 race walk
                           Bronze 600m
Nicolar Klimos             Gold 800m race walk
                           Silver 1000m
Tyler Klimos               Bronze 800m race walk
Dylan Klimos               Silver 800m race walk
Evan Smith                 Gold Discus
                           Gold Javelin
                           Silver Shot Put
Jarrett Chong              Gold Javelin
                           Silver Discus
Max Botsis                 Silver Javelin
                           Bronze Discus throw
Eric Polan                 Bronze Javelin throw

Taylor-Lewis Simi, Jarrett Chong, Karile-Jamall Mensah, and Eric Polan
Boys 4x100 (10 years)      Silver medal

Nico Depaoli, Rajeev Parmar, Dylan Klimos, and Evan Smith
Boys 4x100 (11 years)      Gold medal

Karile-Jamall Mensah, Nico Depaoli, Simi Taylor-Lewis and Rajeev Parmar
Boys 1600 Sprint Medley    Gold medal