Cheetah JD Athletes Perform Well at Norwesters Elementaries Meet

Congratulations to the Cheetah athletes who competed in the first meet of the year: the Norwesters Elementaries Meet, May 5/6 2012 at Swangard Stadium in Burnaby.

Results for the meet are available here from the Norwesters website.

Athletes who finished in the top 3 for any event are listed below.

1st Place
  • Amin Shahsavar (HJ: 1.35m)
  • Cameron Slaymaker (60m: 9.95)
  • Cameron Slaymaker (1000m: 3:50.32)
  • Cameron Slaymaker (LJ: 3.54m)
  • Daniel Jelenici (800m: 2:34.16)
  • Daniel Jelenici (1200m: 4:00.35)
  • Ethan Koke (DT: 13.62m)
  • Hana Tyndall (HJ: 1.40m)
  • Jade Krieser (800m: 2:38.11)
  • Jasmine Lew (100m:14.01)
  • Nicholas Contreras (HJ: 1.15m)
  • Nicholas Contreras (SP: 5.69m)
2nd Place
  • Alex Malcic (HJ: 1.15m)
  • Connor Kent (SP: 5.63m)
  • Erik Iversen (DT: 13.20m)
  • Jarrett Chong (DT: 19.62m)
  • Jarrett Chong (SP: 8.56m)
 3rd Place
  • Alex Malcic (LJ: 3.36m)
  • Evan Smith (SP: 8.10m)
  • Fraser Olson (1000m: 3:42.50)
  • Jade Krieser (300m: 50.22)
  • Nicholas Contreras (100m: 15.77)
  • Rajeev Parmar (800m:  2:39.02)
  • Simi Taylor-Lewis (HJ: 1.20m)
  • Trevor Kristiansen (DT: 12.74m)