2012 Cheetah Banquet and Awards

Thank you to the organizers of the 2012 Coquitlam Cheetah Banquet held on November 24th and congratulations to those athletes who achieved their JD crests or were presented club awards. Please see the 2012 Club Award and JD Crest Recipients page (located on the Cheetah Club Results and Records page) for more details and the Photo Galleries for the annual slideshow and photos.

2012 Club Award and JD Crest Recipients

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2012 Cheetah Club Awards
  • Most Improved Senior Male: Nathan George
  • Most Improved Senior Female: Traci Boss
  • Most Improved Junior Male: Fraser Olson
  • Most Improved Junior Female: Jade Krieser
  • Outstanding Juvenile Male: Adeyemi Taylor-Lewis
  • Outstanding Juvenile Female: Shania Payne
  • Male J.D. Personal Achievement: Cameron Slaymaker
  • Female J.D. Personal Achievement: Hana Tyndall
  • Throws: Jarret Chong, Evan Smith
  • Jumps: Anastasia Evans
  • Senior Cross Country: Dana Townsend
  • Junior Cross Country: Joshua Kozjeli
  • Distance and Dedication: Lawrence Viola, Brendan Wong
  • Most Dedicated: Simi Taylor-Lewis, Nicholas Contreras
  • Most Inspirational: James Linde
  • Exemplary Attitude: Miranda Menzies
  • Sprint Award: Racquel Tjernagel
  • Athlete of the Year: Ben Ayesu-Attah, Christime Lowe
  • Builders Award: Jane and Cayman Cook
2012 BCA Junior Development Crest Recipients

  • Sabine Campeau
  • Addyson Denton
  • Adrian Jelenici
  • Nicolas Klimos
  • Tyler Klimos
  • Elisa Morrison
  • Brielle Reaume
  • James Tjernagel
  • Mitchell Watson
  • Anne Yolland
  • Cameron Braidwood
  • Jillian Denton
  • Danielle Goble
  • Ralitsa Harding
  • Erik Iversen
  • Daniel Jelenici
  • Connor Kent
  • Trevor Kristiansen
  • Anika Morokhovich
  • Briana Nagy
  • Joseph Palmieri
  • Rajeev Parmar
  • Natasha Smigelski
  • Lauren Watson
  • Madison Wolczyk
  • Jarrett Chong
  • Nicholas Contreras
  • Ethan Koke
  • Jade Krieser
  • Jasmine Lew
  • Alex Malcic
  • Fraser Olson
  • Amin Shahsavar
  • Cameron Slaymaker
  • Evan Smith
  • Simi Taylor-Lewis
  • Hana Tyndall