10 Cheetahs Ranked in the Top Ten in Canada! (Revised)

Our Cheetah athletes continue to excel on the National stage led by Adeyemi Taylor-Lewis who is ranked first in Canada in both the 100m and 200m sprints.

The following Cheetah athletes are ranked in the top ten in Canada in their age groups.

  • 1st Youth Adeyemi Taylor-Lewis 
  • 10th Open Liza Whitehead 
  • 1st Youth Adeyemi Taylor-Lewis 
  • 3rd Youth Raquel Tjernagel 
  • 6th Junior Nathan George 
  • 7th Youth Wilson Wang 
  • 9th Junior James Linde 
  • 2nd Youth Raquel Tjernagel 
  • 3rd Open Benjamin Ayesu-Attah 
  • 5th Junior Nathan George 
  • 6th Junior James Linde 
  • 10th Junior Picabo Reeves 
  • 5th Junior Miranda Menzies 
  • 10th Junior Miranda Menzies 
High Jump
  • 2nd Anastasia Evans
Long Jump
  • 2nd Junior James Linde