Cheetah Throwers Shine at BC Junior Development Championships in Nanaimo

Cheetah athletes returned home from Nanaimo with 17 medals including 10 Gold. Jarrett Chong led the way by winning all four of the 12 year old boy’s throwing events. Evan Smith won both the 13 year old boy’s Javelin and Discus and had a 2nd place finish in Hammer Throw. Cameron Slaymaker also had an outstanding weekend, winning 3 events and earning medals in 3 other events for 10 year old boys. Amin Shahsavar was our final multiple medalist placing top three in the Shot Put, 100m and Long Jump for 13 year old boys.
Congratulations to all Cheetah athletes!
Below is a listing of all our JD Championship competitors.
10 year old
  • 600m 5th Cameron Slaymaker
  • 1000m 1st Cameron Slaymaker
  • 60m hurdles 2nd Cameron Slaymaker
  • Long Jump 3rd Cameron Slaymaker
  • Shot Put 1st Cameron Slaymaker
  • Discus 3rd Cameron Slaymaker
  • Javelin 1st Cameron Slaymaker
11 year old
  • 60m 7th Liam Espedido
  • 200m 14th Liam Espedido
  • 60m hurdles 8th Liam Espedido
  • High Jump 2nd Liam Espedido
  • Long Jump 4th Liam Espedido
  • Shot Put 7th Liam Espedido
  • Discus 8th Liam Espedido
  • Javelin 6th Liam Espedido
  • 60m 13th Connor Kent
  • 100m 12th Connor Kent
  • 600m 11th Connor Kent
  • Long Jump 14th Connor Kent
  • Shot Put 9th Connor Kent
  • Discus 6th Connor Kent
  • Javelin 7th Connor Kent
12 year old
  • 100m 4th Simi Taylor-Lewis
  • 200m 7th Simi Taylor-Lewis
  • 80m hurdles 6th Simi Taylor-Lewis
  • High Jump 5th Simi Taylor-Lewis
  • Discus 10th Simi Taylor Lewis
  • 100m 8th Jarrett Chong
  • Long Jump 11th Jarrett Chong
  • Shot Put 1st Jarrett Chong
  • Discus 1st Jarrett Chong
  • Hammer Throw 1st Jarrett Chong
  • Javelin 1st Jarrett Chong
13 year old
  • 100m 3rd Amin Shahsavar
  • 200m 5th Amin Shahsavar
  • High Jump 5th Amin Shahsavar
  • Long Jump 3rd Amin Shahsavar
  • Shot Put 1st Amin Shahsavar
  • Javelin 5th Amin Shahsavar
  • 200m 9th Rajeev Parmar
  • 300m 7th Rajeev Parmar
  • 800m 5th Rajeev Parmar
  • 1200m 6th Rajeev Parmar
  • Long Jump 11th Rajeev Parmar
  • Shot Put 11th Rajeev Parmar
  • Shot Put 5th Evan Smith
  • Discus 1st Evan Smith
  • Hammer Throw 2nd Evan Smith
  • Javelin 1st Evan Smith
9 year old
  • 60m 9th Bisi Taylor-Lewis
  • 100m 9th Bisi Taylor-Lewis
  • High Jump 6th Bisi Taylor-Lewis
10 year old
  • 100m 8th Anna Diment
11 year old
  • 60m 13th Jillian Denton
  • 100m 11th Jillian Denton
  • 200m 14th Jillian Denton
  • 600m 13th Jillian Denton
  • Long Jump 9th Jillian Denton
  • 100m 21st Aleana Labrador
  • Shot Put 6th Aleana Labrador
  • Discus 8th Aleana Labrador

BC Provincial Track and Field Championships in Kamloops Day 1

Day One (Friday) at the BC Provincial Track and Field Championships in Kamloops has concluded with three Cheetahs advancing to Saturday's 400m finals. Nathan George won his qualifying heat with Hodson Harding following close behind in second. Trisha Harrison ran a strong race to qualify seventh for tomorrow's Youth Women's Final.

Coquitlam Cheetahs in the News

Congratulations to all those JD athletes that competed at the Provincial Championships in Nanaimo last weekend. The Tri-City News reported (click here to read) on a number of Coquitlam based athletes including the Cheetahs.

JD Practices Have Ended for the Season; Cross Country Practice Starts in the Fall

JD practices for the season have come to an end.

Please check this website in early September for information on Cross Country practices.