Nathan George leads Canada to a Bronze Medal and Canadian Record in the 4x400m Relay

George ran the lead off leg for the Canadian Junior 4x400m relay at the PanAm Games in Medellin, Columbia.

Brandon McBride of Windsor, Ont., Christopher Green of Kitchener, Ont., and Jordan Sherwood of Cambridge, Ont. teamed up with George and clocked in at 3:07.61, a new pending Canadian record. The old record had stood for 29 years. Nathan was the Canadian Junior Silver Medalist at 400m this year and also the British Columbia Junior Champion at 200m and 400m.

Congratulations Nathan! Canadian Record Holder!

Cross Country Practices Begin September 7th

Cross Country practices will begin Saturday, September 7th at 10:00am in Mundy Park. We meet in the parking lot at Mariner and Chilko. Practice will last one hour. Athletes in Grade 8 and up need a watch with a functional stopwatch.

Practices for all ages are:
  • Tuesdays 4:15pm-5:15pm 
  • Saturdays 10:00am-11:00am
All practices will be at Mundy Park as described above.

The JD cross country racing schedule begins with the Pinetree Classic in Mundy Park on Saturday, September 21.

Please call Paul at 604 464 0753 if you have any questions.

Provincial Medalists

Congratulation to the Cheetah Provincial Medalists! Cheetah athletes won 38 medals at the British Columbia Provincial Championships this Summer. Pictured below are winners of 27 medals.
Front Row, Left to Right: Jarrett Chong, Cameron Slaymaker, Liza Whitehead, Esinam Ayesu-Attah, Amin Shahsavar
Back Row, Left to Right: Hana Tyndall, Raquel Tjernagel, Chad Payne, Benjamin Ayesu-Attah, James Linde, Nicholas Ayin
Absent: Hodson Harding, Anastasia Evans, Phillip Rockerbie, Evan Smith, Liam Espedido, Christine Lowe, Nathan George

Cheetah Junior Men Sweep the Medals in the 200m at the BC Track and Field Championships in Kamloops

Nathan George, Chad Payne, and James Linde sprinted to a 1, 2, 3 finish to lead the Cheetahs to a sweep of the medals in the Junior Men’s 200m.
Cheetah athletes won 21 medals at the Provincial Championships which included eight Provincial Champions! Nathan George, Benjamin Ayesu-Attah, and, Phillip Rockerbie were all double gold medalists. Liza Whitehead, Esinam Ayesu-Attah, Nicholas Ayin, James Linde, and Chad Payne each won two medals in the 100m and 200m sprints. Anastasia Evans was our final Provincial Champion in the Youth Women’s High Jump. Cheetah athletes secured an amazing 34 top eight performances!
Additional photos from the championship can be seen here in the photo gallery.
Below is a list of our Cheetah Results.
  • 2nd Raquel Tjernagel 12.38 Youth Women
  • 2nd Liza Whitehead 12.11 Senior Women
  • 3rd Esinam Ayesu-Attah 12.21 Junior Women (Personal Best)
  • 5th Shania Payne 12.39 Junior Women
  • 1st Esinam Ayesu-Attah 25.04 Junior Women
  • 3rd Liza Whitehead 25.37 Senior Women
  • 5th Shania Payne 25.73 Junior Women
  • 2nd Christine Lowe 56.07 Senior Women
  • 5th Trisha Harrison 62.72 Youth Women
  • 5th Lauren Da Luz 2:21.17 15 Year Olds Women
  • 9th Trisha Harrison 2:30.06 Youth Women (Personal Best)
Sprint Hurdles
  • 4th Hana Tyndall 13.12 14 Year Olds Women (Personal Best)
200m Hurdles
  • 4th Hana Tyndall 30.66 14 Year Olds Women (Personal Best)
High Jump
  • 1st Anastasia Evans 1.60m Youth Women
  • 3rd Hana Tyndall 1.40m 14 Year Olds Women
Long Jump
  • 12th Anastasia Evans 4.39m Youth Women
  • 1st Benjamin Ayesu-Attah 10.89 Senior Men (Personal Best)
  • 2nd Nicholas Ayin 10.99 Senior Men
  • 2nd James Linde 10.85 Junior Men
  • 3rd Chad Payne 10.89 Junior Men
  • 4th Tunji Taylor-Lewis 11.24 Junior Men
  • 4th Phillip Rockerbie 11.55 Senior Men
  • 5th Benjamin Tjernagel 12.46 14 Year Olds Men (Personal Best)
  • 5th Adeyemi Taylor-Lewis 11.14 Youth Men (Personal Best)
  • 1st Nathan George 21.53 Junior Men (Personal Best)
  • 1st Benjamin Ayesu-Attah 22.17 Senior Men
  • 2nd Chad Payne 21.98 Junior Men
  • 2nd Nicholas Ayin 22.30 Senior Men
  • 3rd James Linde 22.00 Junior Men
  • 6th Tunji Taylor-Lewis 23.62 Junior Men
  • 7th Jerome Rosler 22.88 Junior Men (Personal Best)
  • 1st Nathan George 47.17 Junior Men (Personal Best)
  • 2nd Hodson Harding 48.59 Junior Men
110m Hurdles
  • 1st Phillip Rockerbie 15.89 Senior Men
400m Hurdles
  • 1st Phillip Rockerbie 55.88 Senior Men