New Uniforms for 2016

For those who were unable to attend the 2015 Cheetah Banquet and Awards on November 14th and did not see the new uniforms, please note that starting with the 2016 season, the club will have new track-and-field uniforms for the athletes. The uniforms feature a return to the original Cheetah green colour and include singlet, jacket, and training pants.

2015 Cheetah Banquet and Awards

Thank you to the organizers of the 2015 Coquitlam Cheetah Banquet held on November 14th and congratulations to those athletes who achieved their JD crests or were presented with club awards. Please see the 2015 Club Award and JD Crest Recipients page (link located on the Cheetah Club Results and Records page) for more details and the Photo Galleries for the annual slideshow and photos (coming soon).

2015 Club Award and JD Crest Recipients

 2015 Cheetah Club Awards
  • Builders Award: Roy Boss
  • Most Improved Senior Male: Jarrett Chong
  • Most Improved Senior Female: Natasha Smigelski
  • Most Improved Junior Male: Jake McFarland and Tae Kim
  • Most Improved Junior Female: Lauren Ebel and Ange Kengni
  • Outstanding Juvenile Female: Hana Tyndall
  • Male J.D. Personal Achievement: Marty Bajarunas and Nico Millenaar
  • Female J.D. Personal Achievement: Alyssa Dulay-McGuire and Alanna Noble
  • Throws: Joshua Granville
  • Jumps: Liam Espedido
  • Senior Cross-Country: Joshua Kozelj
  • Junior Cross-Country: Ruby Charney and Joseph Curtis
  • Distance and Dedication: Devon Meadows
  • Most Dedicated: Ryan McQuillan
  • Most Inspirational: James Linde and Georgia Hamnett
  • Exemplary Attitude: Rafael Barrett and Emily Wilke
  • Sprint Award: Nathan George
  • Athlete of the Year: Raquel Tjernagel
2015 BCA Junior Development Crest Recipients

  • Marcus Chan
  • Elianne Dugal
  • Danika Foster
  • Erik Iversen
  • Nikolas Jovanovic
  • Ryan Kent
  • Zach Murphy
  • Kalima Ngobi
  • Adam Silver
  • Brady Vojvodic
  • Rafael Barret
  • Lara Chamberlain
  • Erin Clemens
  • Arseniy Dolgov
  • Liam Espedido
  • Adam Fenton
  • Kinyi Goma
  • Radek Koci
  • Noah Labrador
  • Darius Mawji
  • Jake Mcfarland
  • Jaden Miki
  • Matthew Pruner
  • Cassie Robinson
  • Sam Ryznar
  • Carly Seemann
  • Julia Shaw
  • Laine Taylor
  • Lucie Thomas
  • Martin Zylka
  • Liepa Bajarunas
  • Marty Bajarunas
  • Joseph Curtis
  • Alyssa Dulay-Mcguire
  • Lauren Ebel
  • Graeme Eder
  • Rhianne Eder
  • Evan Fedele
  • Joshua Granville
  • Amelia Hamnett
  • Georgia Hamnett
  • Ange Kengni
  • Tae Kim
  • Devon Meadows
  • Nico Millenaar
  • Jack Mutka
  • Alanna Noble
  • Mike Scheel
  • Cameron Slaymaker
  • Kyler Vojvodic