Uniforms for New Athletes and Uniform Exchange for Returning Athletes: May 3rd

New Cheetah athletes of all ages can be fitted for uniforms at the shed near the high jump and javelin area on Wednesday, May 3rd.

Note that uniforms are not purchased, but are used by athletes for the duration of their membership with the Cheetahs. Uniforms can be exchanged for larger sizes each season, or even mid-season if needed. Signing out uniforms requires a $100 deposit that will be refunded at the end of membership in the club, if all final uniform pieces are returned. Fitting and sign-out will be available from 5:30pm onward and will continue until as needed or until approximately 7:00pm.

Any Junior Development athletes competing at the Norwesters Elementaries meet May 6th and 7th who are unable to attend May 3rd is welcomed to contact Lauren to make alternate arrangements:
Any returning athletes who still need to exchange current uniform items can also attend on May 3rd.

Previous athletes not registering this season may return their uniform items on May 3rd as well. Please ensure that all pieces are returned and that the athlete’s name accompanies the pieces. If the address on the last registration is not current, ensure an updated address is provided as the refund cheque will be mailed.

If necessary, a final exchange and sign-out date will be scheduled during the week of May 8th.