High Jump Schedule Adjustment

Going forward we will be implementing the following schedule for High Jump.

Tuesdays and Thursdays we will begin jumping with the bar at 80 – 90 cm progressing upward.
  • If you arrive late and the bar is higher than you are able to jump we will not disrupt the jumping in progress to accommodate your late arrival.
  • If we have a large turnout, we will need to restrict the number of attempts at each new height to 3… just like a meet, to be fair to others that are waiting to jump.
  • (We may at times exercise some discretion on this if an athlete is working on a specific correction or attempting a new PB)
Wednesday we will begin jumping with the bar at 115cm progressing upward.
  • We have made this necessary adjustment to ensure our experienced jumpers are able to get in adequate training
  • There are so many novice jumpers this season, that by 8pm the bar has not gotten high enough to challenge the more experienced athletes.
If the track surface is WET… SPIKES are MANDATORY.