Reminder: Parent Volunteers still needed for Cheetah Meet!

Just a reminder that we are only a few days away from our annual Track Meet and many volunteer positions are still vacant.

Again, if you have signed up thank you and please be available throughout the day as help is often needed.

I just wanted to remind parents that we are able to keep our registration cost low compared to other sports and especially other Track Clubs because we rely on you to volunteer for our track meets. We do not take a deposit from you as a guarantee that you will volunteer but trust that you will do what is expected and needed! It is also a condition of your registration when you sign your child up to be a Coquitlam Cheetah that you will volunteer!

Currently we have 123 Cheetah athletes registered for our meet yet we still have approximately 60 vacant spots where there is no volunteer. Please take the time over the next few days to visit the shed and sign yourself up for at least a day! (If not the whole weekend ;-) )