Parent Volunteers Still Needed For This Weekend

Thank you to some parents and younger athletes who have already volunteered their time over the weekend.

We still need many more volunteers. We are hosting the Province for this Meet and right now we have an embarrassingly low number of volunteers. Our club is responsible for this Meet, so we as parents are responsible for volunteering our time. JD, Midget, Youth, Junior and Senior parents please sign up for this weekend - Friday, Saturday and Sunday are all available.

These positions still need to be filled:

*Set-up and take down - 6 volunteers

*Hurdles Sat - 4 volunteers Sun - 8 volunteers

*Throws - hammer, javelin, shot and discus - 23 volunteers needed

*Long jump - 27 volunteers

*Pole vault - 12 volunteers

So in total 80 volunteers are still needed for this weekend and for this Meet to be a success.

Please email me with your preference for a volunteer task or visit the shed and sign up asap.

Thank you