- FAQ About Joining

This page provides answers to frequently asked questions about joining our club.

What age does an athlete have to be to join?

Our club starts training with athletes who are, or will turn, 9 in the current calendar year. Athletes older than 9 are also welcome to join. We currently do not have any program for athletes younger than 9.

How does an athlete join (register)?

Athletes aged 9-13 (in current calendar year) can register by:
  1. Attending the Annual General Meeting, held in the later part of February. Exact date, time, and location details will be posted as a bulletin on the club's website around the start of February.
  2. Attending the Parent's Information Meeting, held at the start of April. Exact date, time, and location details will be posted as a bulletin on the club's website around the middle of March.
  3. Attending practices, which start in early April and are located at Percy Perry Stadium, Town Centre.
Older athletes (ages 14 and above) may register at the same time as noted above. However, older athletes may also register at other times of the year with agreement of the Head Coach. In general, it is recommended that older athletes discuss joining the club with the Head Coach before registering to ensure that there will be a good fit between the athlete's training needs and the club's training program.

See our Registration page for further details on registering including the registration form that needs to be completed and any fees requiring payment.

How many events can or should my young (9-13 year-old) athlete participate in?

Athletes aged 9-13 will be in the Junior Development program.  We encourage young athletes to participate in as many events as their schedule permits. It is very common for some young athletes to join thinking that they want to do only one event, but years later opt to specialize in a completely different event because their interests and capabilities have changed.

Our Junior Development athletes train from early April until mid/late July on Monday through Thursday evenings. Consult our Practice and Annual Activity Schedules page for our current (or previous) practice schedule. Due to coach schedules, the practice schedule for current year is usually finalized in mid/late March at which time the practice times for specific events on the evenings of Monday through Thursday will be set. Athletes are encouraged to participate in as many practices as they wish to.