Cheetah Bio's and Builders

Below is a list of biographies and updates on some of our current and past Coquitlam Cheetahs along with a list of those Cheetah Volunteers who have been recognized as Club Builders for their service and dedication to our club.

If you are a curent athlete, coach, club member, etc. or an alumni and want your own biography page, contact us and we will be happy to post one for you.


Alumni Cheetah Coquitlam Track and Field Club Members (alphabetical order):
The Coquitlam Cheetahs Track and Field Club honors people and organizations that have made a significant contribution over the years to our club by recognizing them through our Cheetah' s Club Builder Award.

Club Builder Award Recipients

2015 - Roy Boss
2012 - Jane and Cayman Cook
2011 - Percy Perry
2010 - Norma Perry
2009 - Dave Miles
2007 - Per and Inger Anderson
2006 - Jackie and Stephen Barrington
2004 - Joanne and Barry Allard
2003 - Terry and Judy Jackson
2002 - Janice Mamiya
2001 - Janet Hunter
2000 - John and Jennifer Woodcock
1999 - Westminster Savings Credit Union

Gina and Leroy Clarke
Kartar Bains
Ian Holloway
Kim Elliot
Jack and Anne Tossazainen
Doug and Thelma Wagner