Cheetah Club Results and Records

Past Coquitlam Cheetah records, rankings, awards, and results can be found below.

Coquitlam Cheetah Records
BC Athletics Records and Rankings

Athlete results for various track and field events can be found at BC Athletics at the following locations:
Annual Club Awards and Junior Development Crest Recipients

Every year at the annual club banquet, awards are presented to club athletes to recognize their efforts and performance.
Record Tracking for Awards

Please keep a record of your own results at the track and field meets that you attend. BC Athletics  compiles the BCJD crest list now and posts it on their site so you do not need to submit this information for the BCJD crests. However, for those athletes that have met the requirements for a BCJD Award, athletes or parents will need to submit the BC Athletics online form by the end of August.

You can obtain your results by checking the posted results that are made available at most meets, or via the hosting club's website. Most clubs submit the results of their meets to BC Athletics. You may have to wait a few weeks, as some clubs are slow to submit. You can record your results using the Track Meet Record Keeping form which can be found in the Reference section.

If you do not submit your results, you will not be considered for awards.