- Registering to Compete in Meets

If you have not already done so, please read the Track and Field FAQ because it contains information that most athletes and parents will need to know about track and field meets and events.


There are many track and field meets during the year. A complete list of track and field meets can be found at BC Athletics (look for the year of interest and there will be a Track and Field Calendar link for all events).

The Cheetahs typically attend the meets that make up the BCJD Program (for athletes age 9 – 14). With a few exceptions, there are meets virtually every weekend from May through July (see the Parent Information Manual for the schedule of meets we will be attending). We encourage athletes to take part in as many or as few as you wish (the Pentathlon requires athletes to compete in all five events). Some meets are one day long and those that are three days long start with a few events on Friday afternoon or evening.

Registering for a Meet -- It's Your Responsibility

It is the responsibility of the Cheetah athlete or their parents to ensure that they are registered for the track meets and events that are available.

Please ensure that you read all the information about the track meet before signing up and sign up by the cut-off date -- many meets do not accept late registrations. If late registrations are accepted, any late fees which apply will be the responsibility of the athlete/parent.

A sign-up sheet is placed on our bulletin board, inside the equipment shed at Percy Perry Stadium, approximately two weeks in advance of the meet's registration deadline date. The sheet has the name of the meet, the location, and the deadline date. The sheet also has several columns in which the athlete can sign-up for the event(s) they wish to compete in. If an athlete changes their mind about attending a meet or entering certain events before the sign-up deadline, please ensure that these events are deleted from the sign-up sheet. Once an athlete is registered for events at a track meet, the Cheetahs are required to pay for these event regardless of whether an athlete turns up to compete or not.

It is the responsibility of the Cheetah athlete or their parents to make note of what events have been registered for, and the time(s) and location(s) of each event for that meet.

Record Tracking for Awards

Please keep a record of your own results at the track and field meets that you attend. BC Athletics  compiles the BCJD crest list now and posts it on their site so you do not need to submit this information for the BCJD crests. However, for those athletes that have met the requirements for a BCJD Award, athletes or parents will need to submit the BC Athletics online form by the end of August.

You can obtain your results by checking the posted results that are made available at most meets, or via the hosting club's website. Most clubs submit the results of their meets to BC Athletics. You may have to wait a few weeks, as some clubs are slow to submit. You can record your results using the Track Meet Record Keeping form which can be found in the Reference section.

Who Will be at The Events

Our coaches volunteer a great deal of their time during the week to prepare your child for the meets on the weekend and may not necessarily be at all of the competitions to oversee your child. There will be a designated contact person at each event as well as seasoned parents that can assist new members. Look for the familiar Cheetah singlet and banners (where possible).